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Getting high-ticket, qualified appointments – it’s hard. We make it a lot easier, quicker, and predictable with our highly effective system for high-ticket clients’ acquisitions anywhere in the world.

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Dear high-ticket seller,

We know that growing a business is extremely challenging. It’s hard.

We get that.

As a business builder, you’re skilled at what you do – and the last thing you should be doing is stressing about where your next customer is coming from, but getting high-quality appointments and landing new clients is tough for even the most seasoned in the industry.

There is a lot of sweat, stress, pressure and uncertainty involved in being a business owner.

You might have tried so many different things to do on your own and were wondering...


Should I blog?

Start a podcast?


Build a personal brand?


Post on social media five times per day?

Appointments setting

Do I need to document my entire freaking life on social media just to get new clients?



Should I run some Facebook ads?



Drop $10K on building a new flashy and shiny website from scratch?


The list goes on and on...

The truth is, most entrepreneurs have looking for that little shiny hack!

And most of the time it never gets anywhere.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that, but none of these new little projects are ever complete at a satisfactory level to get you the results you deserved, we get it.

And that's why you might be experiencing a lot of uncertainty and guesswork with so many things that you have to do on a daily basis, probably you're facing some of the challenges below:

> Lack of clients

> Unqualified Appointments

> Not getting ROI

> Lack of cash flow

> White space on your calendar

> Too low show up rate

> Lack of momentum

> Have no time

And the result of that money spent, once you wake up in the morning with that white space on your calendar or one to two unqualified leads into your inbox is killing your momentum, and running your business that way won’t get you where you want it to be with your business… even you know that you deserved more!

And guess what? If you continue to lead your life and your business this way, you can expect premature grey hair from all the chronic stress.

We’d rather walk across hot nails barefoot than operate a business that way.

This isn’t about us though…it’s about you.

You’re here because deep down, you know there’s a better way to conduct business.

Or maybe you are already doing extremely well and just want to get:

Whatever that is for you…

So with that in mind, we’ve got good news for you…

Real soon, you’ll be predictably gaining new high-ticket clients and this aspect of your business will continue to grow organically.

No, you won’t have to waste your time worrying about where the next customer will come from.

And what’s more?

You’ll gain a client acquisition system that works super effectively – ensuring you’ll never have to worry about appointment setting again.

How? There are little-known secrets that you don’t know…

We will be revealing our game-changing system for appointment setting that we use for reaching out to ideal clients on a daily basis, which will explode your sales revenue! That’s the proven system that you can plug into your business immediately!

With this system, you will avoid all of the mistakes that are killing other businesses from their growth and you will be able to get high-ticket clients predictably and regularly to your business.



Premium Qualified Appointment Setting For High-Ticket Sellers That Are Looking To Accelerate Their Revenue Growth.



High-Ticket Sales Closing Service For High-Ticket Sellers That Are Looking To Save Time And Money, All Done By Highly Skilled And Trained Sales PRO.

This is the appointment-setting game-changing system for your business!

We opened up the door this month for the next 5 special PRICELESS strategy sessions only to be FREE of charge for the first 5 action takers!

We will be revealing some of high-ticket appointment setting strategy secrets that will help you to get attention and responses back from almost any prospect!

Yeah, that’s right! It’s completely FREE, the reason behind this is because we strongly believe in adding value upfront so that you can take away as much as you can and implement to your business immediately and get the results that you deserved! At the end of the strategy session, if you are looking for the fast track to grow your business, we will share more details about our DONE-FOR-YOU-SERVICE!

Managed And ‘Done-For-You’ Premium Qualified Appointment Setting For High-Ticket Sellers That Are Looking To Accelerate Their Revenue Growth.

What would happen if you didn’t take action today?

Usually, we offer standard strategy sessions, but these 5 special strategy sessions where we will be revealing these secrets of our system are limited and once they are gone, we are not going to offer them every month, it’s only until the end of this month for the first 5 action takers!



The number of appointments that we can book for you it's going to be calculated based on the complexity of the service you require.

We always do the math first, before doing anything else, so that you can justify your investment with us and the numbers are making total sense for you.

At Sales Smashers, we’ve got an acute awareness of what it takes to get high-quality appointments – the type that commands attention and inspires curiosity.

Our service is the most masterful tool in your arsenal for high-ticket client acquisition.


We’ve plugged our organic processes into a fool-proof and future-proof formula that guarantees results.

No, it doesn’t reply on email data scraping (that’s banned, with good reason). It also doesn’t reply on automated tools (they’re cheap, poor imitations of organic work).

Our service relies on: analyticshuman psychologypersonalization, and creativity.

Want to know why our service is superior to that of our competitors?

Sure, other agencies who claim to setup appointments exist out there, but ours is a unique service that guarantees something no other agency will.

If we don’t achieve the number of appointments that we agreed to make for you – then you will receive 100% of your money back.

We’re confident in our capabilities, which is why we have the policy to back our claims up.

You’re curious, aren’t you?

Go ahead and put us to the test.

We are offering a 3, 6, or 12-month contract.


Because we're not relying on luck, we know that it takes some time to get the pipeline full.

But at the same time, you can expect to get appointments booked for you from the day we start providing our service.

We can work with your existing scripts or we can create our own from scratch for your business specifically. 

We offer a 100% “Done-For-You” appointment setting service, we will do all the work for you.

Absolutely not, we're doing our own research on every company and decision maker before reaching out to them, where personalization it's a huge part of our organic work in order to get the attention. 

Requirements to work with Sales Smashers:

–Your average deal per customer must be 10K – 10M+
– Must have a proven sales process for onboarding leads
– Must have proof you are great at what you do

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